Thursday, June 02, 2022


In news of the weird, a woman of Chinese ancestry has been arrested for making a racist scene in a Starbucks in Mountain View, physically attacking someone who spoke English with an accent, demanding that the manager go back to his own country, and yelling that she would have him deported back to Mexico. And I wish her good luck on all that. I myself have often been told to go back to my own country. Which I did. I was born here. My people have been here since Stuyvesant. My accent is because we went overseas when I was little.
And I've been told that immigration would deport me, they'd see to that.

The HR chief at one company interfered with salary payments to my bank account for two months, convinced that I was an illegal alien, which is why I damned well refuse to have electronic paychecks to this day.

What's truly bizarre is that the Chinese American woman essentially acted precisely like an Anglo. Kudos for that. High time. A nutball and a bigot. Maybe she's channelling for a Christian. Or maybe she just lost her mind.

And why at a Starbucks? Was this to prove that some people just aren't human before they've had their coffee?
The way to avoid making the same mistake again is for her to have some coffee before she goes to Starbucks. Highly advisable. I always have my coffee before I even leave the house.
Today I worked with someone who had failed to do so. And I was consequently subjected to a load of paranoid conspiracy horsepucky like you wouldn't believe while he slammed several cups of strong brew.

Like Miss Q he really should start having his coffee at home.
And stop watching youtube videos about rabbit holes.

I suspect that Miss Q may be suffering from the same mental stresses as the twelve galaxies guy. Which is very sad. It may be treatable with the right medication.
Something considerably stronger than coffee.

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