Thursday, June 02, 2022


One person whom I know to be a bigot has refused to get vaccinated, is worse than casual about masking, a borderline Nazi in that chickenshit way that so many self-made men are, and always does everything better than you do. I shall not shed a tear when he catches Covid, nor if he ends up on a ventilator. As far as I'm concerned, he's wasted space.

Diplomatically, I have not said any of this

I have no intention of contributing to his eventual funeral or attending any memorial service for him, and whether he dies in his sleep or in utter agony ist mir in toto scheißegal.

I note that some of the people with whom I was in conversation a few days ago are of the opinion that the United States is a worse place than it was before. Seeing as they are Chinese American, I can understand that. It IS a worse place than it was before.
Also, far more xenophobic than it was. As bad as during the Reagan years.

The one thing in which there has regrettably been no change is the repulsive quality of American Christianity. It is as utterly amoral and loathsome as ever, it's adherents as offensive and ignorant as they always have been.

There are very good reasons to fly over everything between SFO and New York.

The San Francisco suburbs are far too polyester for comfort.

It's an everything deepfried mentality.

NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: This post should NOT be construed as negative in any way against white people. Just purely factual. I have included this disclaimer so that Jonathan in the Shomron doesn't get his panties in a bunch over a perceived anti-Caucasian American slant. And I hasten to add that it's only because so many of the f*(kers are letting the side down or showing their a55 in public that that's even a question. Some of my best friends are white. White people are cool, white people are precious, without white people we wouldn't have McDonalds, Boo King, or probably even Starbucks! I sheerly love white people, bless their hearts!

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