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It's time to test out these candies from the Garden Company (嘉頓有限公司) in Hong Kong. Mmmm. They're not bad. I will have no problem consuming this bag. Little hard candies that are a taste of home, if your home is in Sham Shui Po (深水埗). Or anywhere else in the world within several blocks of a well-stocked provisioners which also carries cookies, biscuits, tea, coffee, weird durian flavoured crap, and a vast selection of condiments and noodles. Such as the store where I purchased these candies on a whim. Because I shop there regularly for several of the aforementioned EXCEPTING the weird durian flavoured crap.

After grocery shopping I headed over to a bakery I've liked for many years, since I was a young irresponsible person living in North Beach. The foot pedal-operated sewing machine table that had been in the middle of the intersection earlier, after lunch, had been moved already. It had been baffling to encounter it there earlier, blocking traffic and confusing the tourists. No, this randomly placed clothes making machinery is NOT an art installation, ironic or social-commentary wise, but please feel free to take selfies with it.
Nor is it a common occurence in Chinatown.
I can't explain it either.

Anyway, it was gone by the time I had finished shopping.

Garden Company Limited produce bread, biscuits, buns, cakes, candies, cookies, egg roll cookies in very useful tins often repurposed after consumption for many things, rolls, scones, snacks. I recommend the 朱古力味忌廉小蛋糕 (4 pieces), delicious chocolate cake!
These candies are 朱古力卡侖治糖 ('jyu gu lik kaa leun chi tong').
They may be misapplying kaa-leun-chi (crunchy).

There are other flavours to choose from: 咖啡 ('gaa fei'; "coffee"), 薄荷 ('po ho'; "minty"), 椰子 ('ye ji'; "coconut"), 軟心果汁 ('yuen sam gwo jap'; "fruity centres"), and fancy assortment.

They also produce 榴槤味威化 ('lau lin mei wai faa'; durian flavoured wafer cookies).
I am aware of the durian stuff, and I myself will not purchase it.
Please take this as due warning.
Teatime was lovely. A large crispy buttery palmier cookie, hot milk tea, and bowl of tobacco afterwards. I'm glad the Chinatown bakeries have survived, because in addition to breads, biscuits, packaged cakes, candies, and cookies, tinned flaky egg roll biscuits, the local population must have acces to freshly made cakes, swiss rolls, and pastries.
And coffee or milk tea. It's a necessary touch of civilization.

Good thing they don't rely on the tourists.
Who may have heard of durian.
They're scared.

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