Friday, June 17, 2022


Last night I fixed myself pinda bravoe with yau choi and meatballs. Because I had no baka bana there was no tomtom. It was never the less delicious! If you need to know exactly what that all is, because Sranantongo is not one of your second languages, watch this helpful video: AMARU's Traditional Pinda Bravoe.

Then culturally appropriate like an imperialist, tweak and adapt, reinterpret and freely enjoy. Because life is too short to respectfully ask for permission or invites. Especially when you have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen, because of course you do.

If you break the Scotch Bonnet, there will be no need for sambal.
And you should probably not kiss anyone afterwards.

Put a Max Nijman or Trafassi record on the Victrola, kick back with a cold bottle of Parbo, and cuddle your fuzzy stuffed anaconda. Wan biggi watrassneki.

Well, okay, Parbo is not available here. And as yet I don't have a stuffed anaconda.

On another food-related note, I stole the photo below from a Parsee on a culinary forum.
It will be confusing to many people in Berkeley.
I shall not explain it.

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