Sunday, June 12, 2022


This needs to be combined with AI and 'emotional support animal' capabilities or 'assistance animal' tech. So that single-living old people have someone who can keep an eye on them and talk back when neccesary. Or argue with them.
Imagine the possibilities.
"Hello Roger, are you okay?"

"No, don't just grunt. A complete sentence, please."

"Please twitch both sides of your face alternatingly to indicate that you haven't had a stroke."

"Should I call an ambulance? Your silence means 'yes'."

"You know, I'm going to switch on the coffee maker. You seem as grumbly as normal this morning."

"By the way, Roger, stop sharing your damned 'wordle' scores with me every damned day. I do not care."

"No, Roger, I do not know what five letters for 'discredited political blowhard' are. Do your own crossword puzzles, don't cheat."

"There are two Jehovas Witnesses at the door. Want me to do something demonic to scare them off?"

Roger is going to have an emotionally rewarding & interactive old age.
And won't become a secret alcoholic now.
He has a friend.

"Let's NOT do the Hokey-Pokey. I'm better at it than you."

Of course there's always the distinct possibility that the cube starts singing 'Zadok The Priest' to himself while roaming the apartment late at night, having seen too many documentaries about the queen. Zadok, The Priest. Zadok, The Priest. Zadok, The Priest.
Yes, those are, seemingly, the only lyrics.

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