Wednesday, June 01, 2022


Having gotten home around midnight, I realized that actually I hadn't eaten all day. Cookies. Some potato chips. Toffee. A little chicken pie in Chinatown around tea-time. And some frenchfries from my friend's plate. It was probably the caffeine that kept me going.
I had plenty of that.

There is something wrong with my innards, I rarely feel hungry anymore. That's probably connected to the exploding appendix three years ago in some way.
Yet when I eat, I enjoy my food very much.

[Well, except for lunch on working days, as that's always from the inconvenience store near the salt flats, which has a piss-poor selection of edibles and runs out of things regularly.]

So after getting home, I fixed myself a spinach omelette with plenty chopped green chilies, and a little potato with salt, chopped green chilies, pepper, and olive oil.
A small snack, really, barely covered a salad plate.
Plus some sambal on the side.
Later today I shall have a proper meal. Garlic baked dragon tongue fish, rice, greens.
Plus soup, and a hot cup of milk tea. At a restaurant where I like going.

Then it's back to work for a few days.

It's the first of the month.
Rabbit rabbit.

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