Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Watching a comedian on youtube was between excruciating and boring. He wasn't as funny as the audience seemed to think, and what he said did not excite me the way he wished it would. Besides, his mannerisms were intensely irritating. As well as perfectly matching those of two people who years ago tried to convince me that a teaspoon of magic apple cider vinegar and / or turmeric every day would solve all my medical issues.

[It turns out that health insurance and seeing a doctor solved very many of them. And getting a bunch of vaccinations prevented others. Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and marijuana haven't been mentioned by anyone with any medical training at all. Though I have seen those listed in articles about Indian pickles by Anglos.]

Years ago one such comedian won a local competition. For a long time we couldn't get rid of him. He eventually faded into obscurity praise the lord, before flickering briefly as an adherent of an outer space alien lizard conspiracy.
My piles bleed for his ruddy fanbase.
They're true believers.

A spoonful of mango pickle cures all your ills.
Trust me; I have it straight from the source.

Mango pickle is a marvelous substance. One friend fears it, and will not touch it. Another friend stated recently: "potato parathas taste best with mango achaar. I’m having some made tomorrow." While I am fond of both of them, I adhere to the philosophy of the second mentioned. In the absence of potato parathas, I shall have it on buttered toast.
Dark toast, buttered, sourdough.

A third person likes a drizzle of spicy pickle oil over the lentils. Also quite understandable. It augments the chili element.

"Potato parathas taste best with mango achaar"

Mango pickles require very green mangoes, which are hard to find in San Francisco, but fortunately good mango pickle is easy to find, several different brands.

For a nice Andra style avakaya, for each cup of chopped exceedingly green mango (which equates to about half a pound) you will require six tablespoons non-iodized salt, the same quantity of red chili powder or slightly more, half that quantity ground light-toasted black mustard seeds (or more; 3 - 5 TBS), and a tablespoon of ground fenugreek. Wash, dry well, and cube the mango. Mix the spices (I add a teaspoon of turmeric, which is not customary), coat the mango pieces with this, and place it in a clean jar. Pour three quarters cup oil over.
Cover, and let it mature for a fortnight, remixing a bit with a spoon daily. In that time the salt and spices will macerate/pickle the mango, and the oil will float on top. If the mango was too juicy, drying it for half a day in the hot sun first is advisable; the less actual moisture you start off with the better the pickle will keep. It's good for about a year. Longer in the refrigerator.

NOTE: mango pickle is great as an accompaniment to Parsee food. Which really means everything a Parsee eats. Parsees will eat everything.

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