Thursday, June 23, 2022


During the middle of the day there are fewer pedestrians on the street. It is better to stay in the shade, and one sees people cautiously remaining in the deep front spaces of the shop houses or lounging under the trees. There is hardly any breeze, and it makes the heat seem worse. The pavement shimmers and dark shadows burn themselves into the back of your brain. Best to stay away from caffeine and alcohol, so do not drink iced stimulants like Netherlanders or beer like the Australians. Better weak juice with tapioca pearls.

[Caffeine and alcoholic drinks negatively affect the fluid and electrolyte balance and how the body deals with heat.]

The little sik-siks in the nullah are too pooped to eat the insects.
Instead, they lie in the shade with their rears in the water.
Some kind of small reptile, not sure of the species.
Long rigid tails, and pugnacious faces.

Walking, with even the minimum of body movement necessary for progress - sloyong sloyong -- soon drenches one with sweat, which evaporates far too fast.
At the road there is a store selling drinks with jelly squiggles.
And they have chairs in the shade.

Can one smoke here?
Please go ahead.
We all do.
Make a list of essentials for next week. It is suprisingly mundane.

Tea. Tinned cigarettes (that English brand). Aspirin. Whisky (it disinfects). Band aids.

Stay away from ice cubes because of local water issues.

Avoid blastocystis, a gut parasite.

No raw fruits.

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