Wednesday, June 29, 2022


The birds are just sitting there with anchovies in their beaks, looking stupid; there is so much fish out there in the water that they don't know what to do with it. In an only in SF occurence, seabirds are accidentally dropping fish over the city. There have been numerous reports of seafood falling from the sky and startling people. It's like manna. Smelly manna.

Very much like the average sea bird -- pelican, gull, albatross -- I also am quite fond of fish. Sardines, anchovies, herring, or what was on the lunch menu today: dragon tongue fish.
With garlic butter over rice, plus hot sauce. And some broccoli. As well as soup.
The average sea bird does not have access to hot sauce.
Which is why they didn't know what to do.

I'm not the only person fond of fish; it's probably the most popular of the three set lunches at that place, and they do a fairly booming business. They also do porkchops and guk gai pei (焗雞髀 "oven roasted chicken leg"). But the dragon tongue rules.

As a side note, watching Cantonese people at a buffet when the lobster or crab comes out is stupendous. There's nothing in the world quite like it. Frenzy.

The Dutch and Flemish are also extremely fond of fish.
Anglos aren't; they don't know how to cook it.
Fresh seafood is hard to find.
It's un-American.

There is a lot of canned sardines and tuna in the interior states among the great Anglo outback, so life there is not entirely hopeless. And while there are Dutchmen and Flemish there, they're mostly from the culinarily backward provinces (Groningen, Gelderland).
They won't share your passion. You will necessarily eat alone.
Finding codfish or herring there is impossible.
There might be Sriracha.
Or not.

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