Monday, January 31, 2022


Got to wish someone a happy new year (新年快樂 'san nin faai lok') pre-emptively. Also exchanged: Maan si yü yi (萬事如意) as well as, for this coming year especially appropriate, robust good health (身體健康 'san tai gin hong'). Normally she has a hard time understanding what I often speak (she's Toishanese born here), but standard Canto and Toisaan are close in enough ways, and the situational context was abundantly clarifying, that "communication" was achieved. She had started by uttering a phrase in Mandarin, which I don't speak worth diddly.
But I mentioned situational context, did I not?

Had to go out and buy soap, having used the last scrap earlier today. All weekend long I had been careful not to be too slapdash and spendthrifty with the remains of that bar, intending to buy more at Walgreens every evening upon returning to the city, but it had escaped my mind when the bus landed in my neighborhood. Today I remembered.

In the evening, while wandering around the block.
My apartment mate (who has her own soap, in case you were wondering) does not appreciate me smoking indoors. So the final one or two puffs of the day necessarily must be on the street outside, which gives me as good an excuse for a leg stretch and some exercise as anything. It is also good for circulation and digestion, and changes the body chemistry, so the mood is improved, and the pipe man in question is far less of a blister, almost tolerable, in fact.

It is good to be clean and equitably tempered.
As I am sure my apartment mate agrees.
As well as the neighbors.

新年快樂,y'all, and 萬事如意,as well as 身體健康!
And look, I'm really sorry about your team losing.
I know how much the game means to you.
Your lives have no meaning, eh?

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