Sunday, January 16, 2022


One hundred and twenty five years ago they held a fair in Golden Gate Park. It was staggering. One could ride rickshaws pulled by German men wearing face paint, something that these days one might expect during the Folsom Street Fair (a yearly multicultural event popular with the tourists). Would I wish to ride in a rickshaw pulled by German men (with facepaint)? Probably not. It seems exploitative.

It's almost a guarantee that tourists back then did not understand either that in order to make wearing a surgical mask effective at protecting both the wearer and other people, it is best to have it closely pulled up over the big foreign nose.

Not leaving the big foreign nose free as a bird on the bus to infect other passengers.
Not cupping the chin only like a scrap of blue bikini brief.
Or a fashion statement below the pouty lips.

Sausalito is a mass spreading event and a public health hazard that should be burned down and the earth salted like Scipio Aemilianus did to Carthage.
With the tourists still inside.

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