Thursday, January 20, 2022


It was delightfully foggy last night, the horns were moaning from nightfall on. So of course this morning I bounded out of bed keen to start a new day. While still remembering the dream. The one where the girls from Saint Boadicea's Academy hunted down the corrupt policeman and slaughtered him, precisely like arctic foxes do to small rodents under the snow.
They listen carefully, then pounce headfirst.

Something much like that. Apparently some medications may cause intense dreams, itching, dizziness, and problems during or while trying to achieve pregnancy.
Don't operate heavy machinery, avoid ladders.

Tell your doctor immediately if you have disturbing side effects.
Or find yourself on a ladder with a printing press.
While missing a period.

When I pick up my refills nowadays I get rid of the warning sheets and tags immediately, even before leaving the pharmacy. I've already read all of that, and it took a magnifying glass to do so, because of the small print, page after page of it.

Dreams have been more intense, a little stranger than before, and at work on a daily basis the ladder comes into play. Some of the warnings are the same as on a container of tobacco, the outside of the hospital, or the projects on Pacific. From which one can deduce that my doctor works inside a pack of ciggies, and I should avoid pregnancy during medical appoinments.

And, speaking of such things, I saw surreptitious cigarette auntie (秘密香煙阿姨 'bei-mat heung-yin ah-yi') guiltily sneaking into her building the other day while coming home. Auntie with the pistacchio-coloured sunhat was across the street a few days ago when I was out with my pipe, and deaf uncle with the sunglasses is still taking his walks at an early hour.
I'm glad these fixtures of the neighborhood have survived thus far.

What I've done so far today is first cup of coffee, and the first pipe of the day while walking an imaginary dog. There were still traces of fog lingering, and it was dark when I left the house. Second cup of coffee is to my right, apartment mate is fixing herself breakfast, the stuffed animals are quarreling.

Of course we all know what really causes the weird dreams, right?
Too much caffeine in the evening before bed.
A big cup of strong black tea.
Boiled with dates.

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