Sunday, January 23, 2022


Sadly, one of my favourite joints for rice porridge will be closed soon. From the first of February through the third, re-opening on the fourth. Because of Chinese New Year. They're in Hong Kong, which is where I am not, so it shouldn't affect me in the slightest. Unfortunately, it is quite likely that one or two of my other favourite jook joints will also be closed. For the same reason.
Tuesday through Thursday.
My weekend.

Anybody want to invite me over for jook?
Its not that I have to have jook on my weekend, but given the constraints of working in the suburbs, where edible foods are few and far between, and the selection is severely limited, my off-work days are the only time I can. And even if I brought a thermostatic lunch pail to work, there is no way I can snag a yautiu to go with the congee.

A hot cup of milk tea and a pastry are probably also out of the question.

At least caffeinated beverages and a pipe or two are still in the cards.

Pork chunks, dried oysters, and hair vegetable is less likely.

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