Sunday, January 02, 2022


For some reason I feel ashamed that I laughed at a joke about an idiot on a ventilator and ivermectin. No, not because of the meanness -- heck, I am jes' purely overjoyed that all these Christians are finally free of internal parasites -- but because it really wasn't that funny.
My standards have sunk during this pandemic.
Of course my tolerance for the good Christian dumb-asses in the heartland was never high to begin with. I've always been surprised whenever one of the blighters shows evidence of problem-solving capabilities. One plus one? Two fingers, see!

Yeah, the pandemic has made me unabashedly bitchy.
Go ahead, take the ivermectin, you dunderheads.
And please AVOID emergency rooms.

In other news, Marjorie Taylor Green appear to have been banned from twitter. Which is sad, because there is a large audience for her brand of wisdom, and she was doing a damned fine job encouraging creative behaviours among the faithful. Statements about vaxination deaths, Jeebus, ivermectinating, distrust of masks and modern medicine, space lasers, and shoving twenty Watt lightbulbs up the rectum because Covid can't stand light.
Those people NEED her words of wisdom.
Horsepills work!

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