Thursday, January 06, 2022


One year ago today a whole lot of Bart and Homer rioted in Washington, trying to subvert an election. Like all normal people, I was at home watching events on the internet, appalled at what was happening. Since then, the republicans have claimed it never happened, it was just tourists, it was justified, and their god ordered it who were they to disobey divine command?

As Ellen Lee Zhou, candidate for mayor of San Francisco, says:
"Many of the people in America still asleep! Some of the evil politicians & movie stars have already in Gitmo or executed! Against humanity! Please pray for unborn babies, wicked politicians, victims from sex/human/drug trafficking! Hold the line! Trump will be back soon! Pray!"
------Ellen Lee Zhou on Twitter, May 21, 2021.

Well okily dokily, neighborino. Qanon much?

[Ellen Lee Zhou: a prominent pro-gun Republican, and member of the 'Chinese American Alliance for Trump'.]

No, this essay is not going to be about a local rightwing religious whackjob and her soiled knickers. Enough embarassing stuff has been said about her already. In a wise and just universe she would be medicated to the eyebrows.

As would they all.

I do not plan to celebrate the ignominious downfall of Trump or the failure of his attempted coup and the arrest of his conspirators in any way. At work over the next few days I may gloat, if the senile neo-fascist farts in the backroom grieve, or I might not. I have largely given up on considering them part of the same species.

"Supporters of a delusional voted-out hack"

Instead, I will just suggest that, in an abundance of caution, the Republican Party should make hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin freely available to all of its members. Because studies have shown that Republicans are peculiarly subject to Malaria and intestinal parasites -- like in the movie 'Alien' -- and must be purged.

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