Monday, January 03, 2022


Searching for dental insurance options, last week I put my name, e-mail address, and phone number into an on-line form that looked legitimately like something from the State of California. And at this point I wish to slaughter EVERY. SINGLE. INSURANCE. COMPANY. The phone has not stopped ringing. There are HUNDREDS of pushy Filippinas who all have the same script. When I ask whether this is strictly related to dental coverage only, she responds with "that's a good question, we have ways to save you money, do you currently have medical insurance...." To which, naturally, my response is to hang up the phone.

Kindly note to insurance companies, brokers, and insurance agents: Please stop hiring those women. Thank you very much. They're preprogrammed to NOT answer the questions people ask, but to go through their damned scripts no matter what.

Note to everyone else: avoid insurance companies, brokers, and insurance agents.
They're a pestilence upon the land.

At this point, I never wish to speak to someone with a Pinay accent again.

Last time one of them called, I had a mouth full of chicken, ampalaya, and pancit. With sambal, of course, because I'm Dutch. And fish sauce. I did not let it in any way spoil the overwhelming deliciousness of a late lunch prepared at home, but politely informed the person that I was hanging up the phone. The reason I ate at home was the bus didn't come and it had started to rain. I suspect that too many municipal transportation employees are out with Omicron. Which will mean an even greater chance of getting sick on public transit than ever before -- drivers without symptoms, passengers without brains or consideration -- and at so late an hour in the afternoon on a wet day travelling in close contact with many people who smell like wet dog with a layer of Aramis or 'Seduction For Hello Kitty' lacks a certain, shall we say, appeal.

Three of those phone calls while eating. Godverdomme!

Finishing lunch with a cup of milk tea.

Then off into the cold with a thick overcoat, pipe and an umbrella to scare little children.
Perhaps wrestle imaginay polar bears.

If any Filippina insurance company call center phone-drones were insulted by the rant above, good! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberies!

You are all either Imelda, Corazon, or Doña Buding.


No kalamansi. Substituted lemon. Not as good.

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