Monday, July 26, 2021


The phone call this morning was NOT to alert me about a pressing need for extending my warranty, OR inquiring whether I needed air duct maintenance or a burial plot, but changing tomorrow's doctor's appointment to next week and a full physical instead, including blood tests, as per yearly requirement, and the new physician surveying the terrain, so to speak.

The terrain in question is a bit rough. Arthritic leg, minor circulatory issues, grumpiness.

Yes, I'm taking all my damned pills regularly. It builds character.

And exercising, with a pipe and a stick.

No pipe, no exercise.
Had tea at a familiar place in Chinatown today. Then smoked the "pipe for watching rats in Spofford Alley" for the first time in ten months. It faded from the rotation once the weekly tour of disreputable dives ended because of the pandemic. So I was mentally re-living those times.

My social life was rather limited before Covid, now it's at a standstill. So I enjoy heading over to the pharmacy at the hospital every three months (ninety day supply of meds) more than I could have imagined, as well as every several months having someone stick a needle in me for some vaccination or other, or blood for tests (which is going to part of the physical, oh boy), and also conversing with a live human being for one or two minutes ...... even if it does involve the useless information that smoking is bad for me.

Look, smoking, swilling milk tea, and being a blister are what keep me sane in these times. Sanity is underrated. Thank Cheesits for sanity. Okay?

Besides, nicotine is anxiolitic. So it's beneficial.
And has been shown to stave off alzheimer's.
Promotes the short term memory.

And keeps Vegans away.
Well, health nuts.


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