Wednesday, July 14, 2021


If you listened to La Marseillaise this morning (celebrating Bastille Day), you really should also go for Fratelli D'Italia. It stands to reason; they're often in the same play list.
Despite the Italians so undeservedly winning at soccer recently.
Naturally I was supporting the frigid boggy Brits.
How can a person NOT like that country?
Drunken louts, horrid food.

And no wonder they all bail out to the Iberian peninsula six weeks out of the year.

As a Dutchman in the States, I can only approve of people who despite all evidence to the contrary consider haggis washed down with whisky as balanced a meal as their breakfast (many unidentifiable things fried till mahagony several hours before). Acid indigestion and a vague lingering stomach discontent are constants in the Protestant cultural experience.
When I lived in the Netherlands it was often all around me.
After returning to the States, it was everpresent.

Listening to the French and Italian anthems reminds one that despite the leaden weight of a Northern European dominance, there are still places with sweetness and light, olive oil, noodles, and flavour. And hot substances (like sambal, for instance).
Last mentioned not present in Italy and France.
Or England.

Ja maar desalniettemin niet tegenstaande alhoewel mits in tegendeel. And mitsgaders!

[Dutch politician wafflegab that in part or in whole often precedes a self-benefitting denial or data-poor statement suitable for later clarification and obfuscation/denial.]

I am convinced that the reason so many of my fellow Northern Californians supported the Italians this past Sunday was out of sheer perversion, and rebellion against their better natures. The degenerates do not wish to live with the repression and coldness of their family members, they long for warmth and a gay spirit, which, to their twisted uneducated minds, the poor sportsmanship and flagrant flamboyant cheating of the Italian team represents.

No wonder they are pot-smoking deviants.

Sod them all.

No, I didn't bother watching the soccer match. I imagine it must have been very much like the last battle scene in Jurrasic World, with huge carnivores fighting it out brutally, finally ending when the lone velociraptor skips off into the ruined park. Scenes of carnage, savage bloodletting, and mayhem. With appropriate music.

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