Tuesday, July 06, 2021


After several days of random explosions in the middle of the night, this blogger finally got a good nights sleep. No, I am not talking about severe digestive dysfunction. Rather, I refer to the wife beating puppy killing anime porn watching video game playing Nazi terrorist patriot swine who kept setting off fireworks in this quadrant of the city for nearly a week.
Your mother hates you, and you have a tiny penis.

Everyone dislikes you. Happy Fourth.

This morning's early walk with a pipe was, in consequence, much more enjoyable than usual. Red Virginia and Perique flake in a pipe considerably older than myself, in between the first and second cup of coffee. But after scoping out the news.
A good night's sleep and a bowl of fine tobacco do remarkable things for the disposition. I am, in consequence, cheerful, happy, and relaxed. Significant items considered newsworthy today are the likely permanent closure of the Burger King at Bagram, the rise of Covid numbers in the least educated most ignorant Republican states in the country (the Wasp third world), and the cheering information that Moderna works against the Delta variant, but not against stupidity.

Oh, and Philadelphia hates Texas.

Over the weekend, a Nazi group based in Texas ("Patriot Front") got harassed and terrorized by the good citizens of the city of brotherly love while holding a rally.

"We know that they’re anti-Semitic, we know that they’re racist, they’re white supremacists. They believe white people are the true inheritors of America and they’re trying to take it back."
------Shira Goodman, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

"Citizens were none too happy about some of the things they were saying --- they felt threatened --- they literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia."
------Michael Crum, Philadelphia Police

Two hundred brawny white males with masks and flags, uniformly dressed in tan slacks and black shirts (tee or polo) hightailed it out of the city after brief confrontations with local people indicated that they weren't welcome. The feels, man, the feels. Oh dear.

I would suggest that people return the favour and head to Texas for a counter demonstration, except that I know most citizens of the United States aren't assholes, and there's no point in wading into festering shit or eating frito pie.

Also, sartorially we're not nearly as stylish as Texans.
We'd feel out of place down there.

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