Wednesday, July 28, 2021


No need to mention where it is. It's somewhere in the Great American Hinterland, where people are freedom-loving individualists. Which, in the final reckoning, describes almost all not inner-city areas between here and the Empire State Building.

Bud Light, vodka and soda, and piles of nachos. "More people are dying from getting the vaccine this week.
Personally, I feel like my immune system is doing a good job, so why pump it full of something we don’t really know what it is?

The article in Politico is copiously illustrated, with pictures of suicidal Midwesterners.
That's okay. They voted for the other party.

Full disclosure: I got the second dose of the vaccine months ago. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't died yet, nor am I five-G capable, can't levitate, and am not (yet) magnetic.
That's just "anecdotal evidence", of course. Others may report differently.
I am not Christian. And I don't have any fellow-feeling for most of the people in the Great American Hinterland. They serve only ONE purpose. Which is growing corn.

I very rarely eat corn.

Nachos suck.

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