Tuesday, July 13, 2021


In a video I will not show here, a white woman has a tantrum at Victoria's Secret because a black lady is videotaping her ... having a tantrum at Victoria's Secret. It is unknown what the white woman's problem was, but based on what little I know I'd say it was being white.
That seems to be a problem for many people.

"Get her away from me, get her away from me, urrrgh!"
------Karen, while pursuing a black woman

I'm sure we can all sympathize. I too find myself screaming like a crazy person while chasing random black people in feminine lingerie emporia. It's a normal state of mind, seeing as I am white (and male), and like everyone I feel personally threatened by absolutely anything at all when shopping for panties (Bikini Briefs), hot pink or blue and white striped.

I find that both pink or blue and white striped bests highlights my middle aged male physique. Precisely like a manga heroine. It's very tasteful.
All white people should have pink or blue and white striped. It's chic AND zesty.
Especially recommended for bachelors. And pipe smoking gentlemen.

As a side note, many pipe smokers get all anal and neurotic about how to transport their prized briars when not in use -- one friend uses careful washed socks for that purpose, another wraps his in silk scarves, and I myself have an angry red panda backpack (which replaced the Hello Kitty bag) for the pipes I take to work -- but surely feminine lingerie would work as well.
It's worth experimenting with. Soft, and just the right size.

Just make sure it's washed first.

You don't want to be embarrassed at the hospital. When they find out the underwear you have with you for your smoking equipment wasn't clean.
As often happens.

This PSA brought to you by Atboth, redefining 'Panties in a Twist' since 2005.
Please feel free to comment, as I welcome feedback.
Or any attention, really.
I'm white.

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