Thursday, July 08, 2021


As was not unexpected, almost all of the people I saw without masks today were Caucasians. Presumably most of them were either vaccinated or from the interior states where ignorance is rife. One person on the bus, who looked very Mid-Western (white, and heading toward heart disease), had to be reminded that you cannot ride the bus without a mask.
She spent several minutes fumbling, before putting it on.

I realize that very many white people feel entitled, and do not have any children or immuno-compromised relatives that they care about. Or are concerned that even if they have been vaccinated themselves they can still spread Covid 19 to their nearest and dearest. And if they do have kids or grandchildren they are endangering them by acting stupid. And selfish.

If those people are related to them, it's probably a good thing that their behaviour will thin the herd. Too many of them have contributed their defective genes to the pool already, which explains Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.
Without whom we can very well do.

Being vaccinated doesn't keep you from being infected (although you might be non-symptomatic) nor prevent you from being a spreader.

Unless you and everyone you come into contact with has been vaccinated, and no one you come into contact with has children, immuno-compromised relatives or associates, and is in peak health, you should wear your mask when out in public, or on the bus.

As a very good illustration of this, I come into regular contact with at least two people who are too goldarn stupid to get vaccinated, and even though I've told them it was nice knowing them (a huge exaggeration), and fully expect them to be dead by Autumn (at the latest), I am not looking forward to them spending several weeks on a respirator fighting for breath.
Then dying alone in immense pain.

At the very least that will inconvenience me immensely.
Might also make me mildly sad for a while.
And leave holes in the ranks.

If all of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas die of Covid, that's fine. Like all rational people, I shall not lament their disappearance. Anybody who voted for the Republicans thoroughly deserves a drawn-out agonizing death, and we should ban folks from those states travelling outside their swamps. Leastways lock them the heck up when they cross the California border, and burn their clothes and cars.

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