Monday, July 26, 2021


A person with whom I have to associate occasionally while in Marin County has bored me innumerable times with long waffle-harangues about how the space aliens tens of thousands of years ago lifted man up in the Fertile Crescent (Babylon, Sumer, Ur) and instructed us to build pyramids and taught us about the wheel, ALL religions originated at that time and are essentially worship of alien technology(!), his pizza is better than anything by anyone else, and how the influenza vaccine causes flu, tobacco is non-addictive it's the chemicals they put in it that hook you (which is why you should smoke cigars, they're all natural, made like nature intended), and Italians start the day with distilled alcohol and keep drinking it throughout the day without ill effect because they balance it with espresso and pasta.

Dangerous untested, nano-chip and chemicals, DNA altering

He's refusing to get the Covid 19 Vaccine because, he asserts, it's dangerous, untested, nothing but chemicals, contains a nano-chip, and will change his DNA. Also, he states, Covid 19 is no more dangerous than the flu which he's never gotten because he refuses the flu vaccine, masks are useless, and he has a strong immune system and needn't worry.
He never goes to the doctor, hasn't in years.
Feels that medicine is a con-game.

He approvingly quotes Senator Rand Paul.

At this point I'm waiting for him to catch the Delta variant and die, OR kick the bucket from trichinosis because he's recently started curing his own pork and is a fool who won't take certain necessary precautions.

Maybe an excess of apple cider vinegar and miracle honey will do him in before, or during either eventuality.

Let me selectively cite a friend who lives surrounded by slope-browed Christians and Trumpites in the Deep South.

John wrote:
At this point, hospitals need to toughen up. If a patient comes in with COVID-19 and can NOT show that they have been vaccinated then the hospital should tell them to get to hell off their property. Stat. If you don't get vaccinated then NOBODY needs to respect your right to life because by not getting vaccinated you're clearly showing disrespect for the rest of the lives on our planet. Yes, I know you failed Science in school, too, but that's no excuse to deny the reality of it.

There are SOME people for whom their auto-immune/allergy issues make the vax prohibitive or at least questionable. Unfortunately the news of THAT proliferates widely and people’s fears take the lead. People are waiting to see that those of us we’ve gotten vaccine don’t start growing third heads or start a zombie apocalypse. As a delicate butterfly, much like the canary in a coal mine, I was seriously concerned and grateful I managed to have a completely unremarkable response, but despite my fear in going into it I did my homework.

If they die then they'll at least make a sincere contribution to the genetic health of the world.

[End cite.]

My friend John surrounded by the inbred morons in Bunfrackistan is a critical reader, intelligent, and has common sense and decency. And, obviously, knows how to wade through hyperbole and horsepucky to get to actual data.

My associate in Marin is a dipshit who has none of those skills. As well as a pothead spambrain knowitall with a stupendous ego. Who, additionally, often commits boneheaded spelling errors.
A self-assured illiterate ignoramus.

Let's let nature take its course.

Prove Darwinism.

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