Monday, July 12, 2021


Only a mild complaint: the temperature outside is low enough that Raynaud's phenomenon in some of my fingers is kicking in. San Francisco is not experiencing a heat wave.
It's typical summer weather here.
Sweatery conditions

Daytime temperatures (in Fahrenheit):

Amsterdam: 70°
Atlanta: 78°
Calgary: 76°
Canton, Ohio: 80°
Canton, China: 93°
Dublin: 66°
Fresno: 104°
Hong Kong: 91°
Jakarta: 88°
London: 70°
Manila: 90°
New Orleans: 80°
New York: 80°
Oslo: 68°
Penang: 80°
Raleigh: 90°
Sacramento: 83°
Saigon: 88°
San Antonio: 90°
San Francisco: 57°
Singapore: 80°
Stockton: 86°
Tokyo: 82°
Vancouver: 77°

I rather suspect that "incontinence diaper man" in the backroom tomorrow will insist on having the fireplace lit. It is a good thing that I will not be there. I do not want to hear about the most recent steak dinner he had. It was delicious, but such horrible service. And too tough.

I actually like him considerably more than many of the other old boys.
But conversationally, it's like a slice of hell.
Irrespective of who.

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