Sunday, July 25, 2021


Covid 19 has made me an asshole. I was already plenty gifted in that department before, but the past year has finally made what was only latent burst into bloom. I have now completely given up on a large segment of the population, and am actively cheering for their demise.

Opposition to vaccination is especially strong among white evangelical Protestants.

Funny, that's the exact segment of the US that I wish to see croak.

And, from the BBC:
"The sharpest increases in Covid cases are in states with lower vaccination rates, such as Florida, Texas and Missouri." "Earlier this week, US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said 99.5% of Covid deaths were occurring among unvaccinated people."
End cite.

Motherloving dumbasses, bless their hearts.

For months we've all been urging people to get vaccinated. Instead some of them dug in their heels and become more self-righteously offensive and stupid. If they die of Covid, that will take out a large segment of the crowd that gaves us Donald Trump, Greg Abott, and Ron DeSantis. As well as, ironically, the conditions that allowed Covid to spread unchecked. The dumbest most selfish illiterate science denying ignorant religious section of society.

The dominant class in most of the Midwest and South.

When they die, good riddance.

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