Wednesday, July 07, 2021


Apparently, among all my many other flaws, my thought processes do not follow Facebook's community standards. Regarding three billionaires racing to go to space, I wrote "Shoot them up. Leave them there." Which in all honesty I thought was the best idea for giant hosebags who got obscenely rich by sucking blood out of the common man. Also, regarding pot users last month, I commented: "I hate pot. I'd probably burn the building down and hire a hit man." Which of course was meant hyperbolically -- I quite likely would not set anything on fire, but hit them very severely with a wet rag -- but Facebook is mostly staffed by literalists, pot-using degenerates, and bloody-minded puritanical idiots without humour. Or common sense.

Restriction · 7 Jul
"You can't post or comment for 3 days"
"You can't go live for 30 days"

Well, the world is probably a vastly better place if I don't talk smack on Facebook about drug using degenerates and the super wealthy for three days. Or anti-vaxxers, maskless cretins, right-wing political whores, and childmolesting Republicans in league with the devil.

Or mutant daemon hell spawn.
So enjoy it while it lasts.
Three whole days.
Zuck it up.

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Anonymous said...

How sad that FakeBook can easily shut you down but seems unable to control the truly dangerous rantings of Trumptards and Q Anon cultists.

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