Thursday, July 02, 2020


While out this morning on a short walk in a quiet neighborhood, there were over twenty people not wearing masks. If I die of Covid, it will be because there are too many people like the Governor of Florida, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, and the orange-faced hell-spawn in this city.

I am too far from the nearest rally to make a difference.

Quote from a disturbed lady on the internet:

"I am so paranoid now I could believe that we are being deliberately infected just to get #Trump out of office. The neo-lib dems seem willing to say or do anything."

Okay, Karen.

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. And yes, you are paranoid.

It was a half hour walk. Reason being that I had a pipe full of tobacco with me, but evenso at that early hour there should not have been quite so many Karens about. If I was a paranoid man, I'd think that the neo-fascist-repubs have finally tracked me down, and are willing to do anything.

Fortunately, I believe that pretty much everyone is nuts.

But I can disembowel someone with a pipetamper.

Fun fact: I am always fully armed.

With a tamper.


Another fun fact (from the internet): "Wherever you go in the world, from Kerestir to Lizhensk, you can get a cup of hot coffee with chalav Yisrael milk, crusty rugelach, a delicious fleishig supper, and fresh kugel... "

Please don't have that coffee with your supper. Wait at least one whole hour if you're Dutch, three hours if you're Yekkish, and at least six hours if you're a Gallitzianer or Hungarish. Or chasvesholom Russian.
If you're Sfardi or Mizraish, avoid the supper.
Have some hummus instead.
Al pi minhag.

A very nice person with a scholarly bent speculated yesterday that the illustration posted yesteday of Chinese water pipes showed tools for smoking pot, and another reader wondered if those were opium pipes. No on the first, although very many Caucasian tourists in Thailand would undoubtedly re-purpose them for their depravity, and a definite 'no' on the second; they would not be suitable im gonzen. As a careful review of the two schematics below will clarify.

It will be remembered that both Morphine and Heroin were marvelous cures for the opium addiction, which thanks to Air America and various CIA clients spread rapidly in the United States. Which is why the old-fashioned opium pipe became an evolutionary dead-end. Even Sherlock Holmes, unsuitably immortalized in the Peterson premium collectable series of which the handsome briar pictured above is an example, was a drug fiend.
A fact which his aficionados always conveniently overlook.
One suspects that Doctor Watson also indulged.
Fragments of a jezail bullet.

I've never had much patience with drug addicts. About the same as paranoid nutballs and reactionary crypto-tankies.
I dislike the Holmes tales.

I've already had three pipes today, two cups of strong coffee, two cups of tea, and I'm high as a kite. Absolutely buzzing, zipped to the tits. Caffeine, nicotine, and highly refined sugar are priceless, tools that keep the brain active, without which modern life would be damned well impossible.

Perhaps you should have a cup?
How about a smoke?


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HaMazkira said...

As long as the coffee is clearly before supper you should be fine. With the amount of time it takes to prepare a tasty fleishig supper, I don't see any problem.

After the meal I would recommend an herbal tea blend of fennel, dandelion, and sage with a dollop of honey. It's a nice digestif.

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