Tuesday, July 28, 2020


One of the things I learned a while back was to not say too much in certain Facebook groups. Reason being that not everyone reads with the same mental dexterity, and some members of certain groups can be amazingly dim. And, of course, one does not know everything about them necessary to maintain one's sense of security.
Or, of course, one's own safety.

Years ago a fellow blogger got all bent out of shape over one of my remarks. He and I have not communicated since then.

And I can still remember a serving member of The Royal Netherlands Air Force (military) being a complete blistering moron.
Shan't mention what FB group that was in, but I'd vote him most likely to commit familial mayhem.

Probably because of his very tiny penis, and anger issues.

Sometimes not everyone is on the same page.

Here in the United States, a significant percentage of people, though not a majority, have moist panties over Trump. As well as pick-up trucks, automatic rifles, big titties, and Jayzis.

They're an unstable lot, as too many internet videos make clear.

I'm glad they're too stupid to figure out bupkes.

These folks are no Sherlocks.

Tiny rightwing wads.

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