Monday, July 06, 2020


One of my friends has underlying health issues which nearly killed him, and, because of maskless cretins, still might. He's younger than me. Potential cause of death: apathy, stupidity, arrogance, willful ignorance, and rightwing blithering entitlement. Trumpism, though not the Trumpism that rules in the heartland, but the Trumpism of self-satisfied smirking doofus techno-bros.
 A festering Trumpism that infects the fringes of "liberal" society, where "not my problemism" is too often the norm.

If heartland Trumpism is Calvinistic and disapproving of people who have it "too good", Techno bro Trumpism is more Episcopalian, and not caring about other people: "Not my problem, not my comfortable social group, and not something I will allow to ruin my nice middle class life."
"Not my risk, nor my twitter feed."

"I'll just go outside without a mask. Life is too short. La la la la la!"
"Immuno-compromised people have themselves to blame."
"They should eat plenty of kale and drink craft beer."

So it should not surprise you that I wish to beat people to death with my walking stick. Folks walking around on the streets of San Francisco and Sausalito. Fellow humans. Without masks.

Think of it a sneering sense of superiority which is blessedly free of an underlying Christian component. Very Catholic.

Current or developing pandemic disaster zones, entirely due to the "mah freedums I ain't gonna wear masks like commie slaves 'coz I'm a true Amurican" attitude: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississipi, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas.

I am fiercely resisting the urge to sneer.

Cursing is another matter.

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