Saturday, July 18, 2020


On a micro-level, what everyone can do regarding rightwingers who refuse to mask themselves during the pandemic, is slice the bastards open from sternum to groin and let them bleed out. Not that I would necessarily recommend that. Though hunting them down and killing them late at night seems very attractive.

Many of them live in gated communities, by the way.

But, in Zen-monk fashion, I shall just be patient and let nature take its course. The mofos will die, and take their nearest and dearest with them. None of my nearest and dearest are idiots, but if yours are you have probably already cut-off communication with them. Of not, do so.

If they vote Republican, they are a public health hazard, and dangerous around children.

Fortunately, with shelter-in-place and the limitations imposed upon us by the Trump pandemic, I myself see far fewer rightwing hosebags than I used to, and if they all die as a direct result of stupidity, the world will be perfect.
It might take me a while to notice.

Honestly, I harbour no "christian" feelings for them. And if Trump and Barr continue their campaign against the United States, too much sh*t will be hitting the fan all at once for anyone to pay attention to the health and well-being of some people. But they are such festersome garbage that something is bound to happen.

I guarantee you, I will not have seen anything.

I just hope that Brian Kemp gets his.
And governor Ron De Santis.
As well as Chad wolf.

Thoughts and prayers.

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