Monday, July 20, 2020


Apparently it's hot as blazes in some parts of the country. Where rational people don't ever go. As the news bits from there make absolutely clear. Kanye West held a blitheringly insane campaign rally, Trump's Federal Government sent to troops to Portland, and Colorado held a mask burning event -- no, not Ku Klux Klan masks or hoods, though those were indeed present -- and Nascar (a trailer trash sport) kicked off in Texas.

Here in SF we keep our cool.

It's called "fog".

It dissipates the further away you get from the city, as examples of raving insanity increase. Civilization only extends a few miles, then disappears until you start hitting the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland.

You folks are going to elect a president in November?
The mind boggles and the heart quails.

One person stands out like a throbbing thumb. Specifically, the gentleman a friend brought to my attention, who wrote the following on his Jswipe dating profile -- so probably an East Coaster -- which I am going to have to ask my friend why he's there, even though I have suspicions and do not really want to know.

Jswipe is a Jewish dating app, btw.

"I practice yoga and eat plants, not into any of the traditional crap that most millenials are and not looking to get into it either. I recently stopped drinking to focus on my yoga practice. To be honest I am not at all excited about the prospect of dating a Jewish woman, I would prefer to spend my time with a woman from an Asian culture. They are calm, quiet, and composed, not full of neurotic energy. Jewish women are loud and annoying and unattractive like my mother."
End quote.

See, this is why people like Woody Allen need psychotherapists for most of their lives. Issues. The pressure that a high temperature roaring city brought to bear on their fragile egos. The stress of dealing with their moms. The instinctive need to bend their bodies into pretzels.
Overworked digestive systems.

Takeaway: Yoga appeals to fetishists with overbearing mothers.
Vegetarians who have over-active imaginations.
And likely alcoholics.

You know, there are probably an extremely large number of Jewish women who are even more unexcited about the idea of dating you as you are of dating them. Probably dwarfed in number by all the women from Asian cultures who would think you're a total putz.

Next step for the nerd: Kabbalah.
It's mysterious and Oriental.
Om mane padme om.

Like, spiritual.

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