Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Just so as we're completely clear here, I'd like to mention a few things. My apartment mate is Cantonese American, she was born here, this is her country. My landlady ditto, it's also her country.
My doctor was born in Indonesia, is Chinese American, and a citizen of the United States. This is his country. The nurse who often checks my bloodpressure is from Toishan, a legal immigrant. This is her country.
My cardiologist was born here. This is his country.
His staff is Asian American.
Theirs too.

Though I have an accent, I also was born here.
I spent most my youth somewhere else.
I'm back where I came from.

My parents weren't born here, but their parents were.
That happened when my grandparents were stationed overseas after World War One.

This is their country.

There have been too many Karens of either gender recently pulling the "go back where you came from" card. On people who are here legally, many of whom were born here, many of whom have parents who were born here, or came here as legal immigrants. This is their country.

I swear to god, Karen, if I catch you doing that shit in my presence, I'm breaking your face, and then pissing on it.

Okay, Karen?

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Nate said...

Hear, hear!

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