Thursday, July 23, 2020


The mom march in Portland started at nine PM. So far it is peaceful. Huge crowd of mature adults. There is a lot of grey hair visible.

The wall of moms and dads have arrived at the Federal Courthouse.
9:28 PM.

Just how close is the relationship between Chad wolf and Erik Prince?

Just noticed a San Franciscan whom I know from Encore on the feed elsewhere. She questions some bullshit from Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

The mayor speaks. That means the teargas won't come for a while.
10:10 PM.

Mayor ted Wheeler pledged to stay during tonight's protest. This could prove interesting if the Federales unleash the stuff that they used last night.

Ted Wheeler and Black protest leaders on the Justice Center steps.
10:24 PM.

Rumours that the "Federales" are Blackhawk mercenaries.

Sounds like teargas grenades being fired.
10:42 PM.

Fire started. Federales warn crowd.
10:51 PM.

Time for the snackvan.
10:52 PM.

Fires between the fence and the JC.
11:04 PM.

Flash bangs and smoke everywhere.
11:22 PM.

And the teargas has started.
11:24 PM

Federales fired teargas directly at a reporter.

Mayor Ted Wheeler gassed by the Federales. Confirmed. Several sources. Feds now declare a riot.
11:37 PM.

Federales getting ready to engage crowd. Protestors have gotten through the fence.

Teargas and flashbangs, lots of smoke.
11:49 PM.

Mayor Ted Wheeler gassed again. Badly.
11:50 PM.

Imperial March playing while Federales fire blindly.
How ... appropriate.
11:59 PM.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD).

Massive volleys at the JC. Federales shooting flashbangs, teargas, and rubber bullets.

Reports of an armed provocateur.
12:07 AM

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