Tuesday, July 21, 2020


I don't know about you, but one of the most memorable and beloved passages in the New Testament, and one that has always deeply resonated for me, is the parable of Jesus And The Armalites.
It's so spiritually evocative.

Grace Baptist Church in Troy drew protesters Sunday morning with its flyers to “win a free AR-15”

"Daarom rommelt mijn ingewand over Moab als een harp, en mijn binnenste over Kir-heres." --- Killiaen Van Renselaer, 16:11.

"Suffer unto me the inbred trailer park dwellers, long suffering, and yearning to breathe free, for theirs indeed is the kingdom of heaven.
Verily, with their weapons and their piety.

Because that's what American Christianity, in its Fundamental Protestant phase, is all about, isn't it? Slaughtering Jews, idolaters, and members of the Catholic Church. Or at least providing a reasonable defense in case they threaten your beer and girlie mag lifestyle.
Plus your pickup truck.

It's not the first time the graceful Baptists have honoured the Lord by handing out murder weapons; they did it in 2017 and 2014 also.

And I for one welcome their efforts to rid their community of peaceful resistance to their religion. It's high time that the Jews, Idolaters, and members of the Catholic Church learn to drive tanks and operate shoulder-launched grenades. In Troy, New York.

If Kiliaen Van Rensselaer were alive today, he would assuredly encourage them to do so.

There is an obligation to sack Troy, in every generation.
It's almost biblical.

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Lady Ignatia J. Reilly said...

If only your people knew what they had wrought when they came up the Hudson River from Nieuw Amsterdam.

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