Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Like many people in these interesting times, I am keen for upbeat things, and tend to look on the bright side. One should not always obsessively focus only on the negative. And I am warmly nurturing.

Not just intestinal gas.

States' positive test results:

1. Arizona: 26.8%
2. Florida: 18.9%
3. South Carolina: 16.9%
4. Texas: 14.4%
5. Alabama: 14.2%
6. Nevada: 13.7%
7. Georgia: 13.2%
8. Mississippi: 12.5%
9. Idaho: 12%
10. Kansas: 9.6%
11. Arkansas: 9.5%
12. Utah: 9.1%
13. Iowa: 8.6%
14. Louisiana: 8.5%
15. Tennessee: 7.8%
16. South Dakota: 7.6%
17. California: 7.5%

The good news, for everyone who wants to leave San Francisco, is that jobs and housing will soon be opening up big time in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama. All great places to live, with nice people, and a mellower life-style than our own uptight state.

Lower prices on everything there, and, now that our world-class restaurants are shut, there's no reason to stay here.

So, please, go.

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