Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Over on Facebook, someone got their knickers in a bunch and suggested changing the name of a group of which I am a member to "The Easily Offended Ladies Tea and Crumpet Society". I shall not mention the group, but I totally approve. Tea and crumpets are a monumental contribution to civilization, thank you England. That's the best thing you've ever done.
Besides bunchable knickers.

I tend to be careful about communicating with people on Facebook, nowadays scoping out their timeline and their 'about' page, as well as checking out what else they have posted. So I shall not be "friending" him. His "issues" are incompatible. I don't have enough of a sense of humour that I would enjoy him being angry at everything I say.

I'm a screaming liberal, he's just screaming.

And I'm not that fond of crumpets.

There a large number of British things and aspects of life in England of which I am fond, but more in style than in substance. The perfect afternoon tea is best when the snackipoos are, in fact, from bakeries in Chinatown that cater primarily to Cantonese. Such as the lo po bing, the egg tart, the charsiu turnover, or even the scallion bun (蔥油條 'chung yau tiu').

[What is good for tea? Lo po bing: 老婆餠. Dau saa bing: 豆沙餠. Ji baau dan gou: 紙包蛋糕. Cha siu sou: 叉燒酥. Daan taat: 蛋撻. Po lo baau: 菠蘿包. Naai yau baau (奶油包. Hap tou sou: 合桃酥. Hot po lo bau with a pat of butter: 菠蘿油). Piggy buns: 猪仔包. Hot toasted piggy bun with a pat of butter: 奶油猪仔包. These are just suggestions.]

Marmalade is good. Chunky marmalade on thick sliced and toasted buttered San Francisco sourdough is soulfood.
And I like bagpipes.

Tweeds? San Francisco summer clothing.

But the less said about proper fry-ups and fish and chips, the better.
In addition to some pretty nice things, the British also invented constipation and acid indigestion.


Piggy buns (猪仔包 'chü chai baau') are small round buns related to Portuguese bread rolls as well as the 'pao' of Mumbai. In Hong Kong they are almost always toasted, and served with a pat of melting butter, sometimes also a smear of sweetened condensed milk.

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