Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Obviously our government ordered the consulate in Houston to close for their own safety, seeing as Texas is filled with racist rightwing rednecks who might create an international incident. But that highlights, in a way, why the vehicle with Texan plates parked outside on my street should be either torched or smashed. As well as any suspicious unmarked white vans that might be slowly cruising through the neighborhood.
Because unmarked white vans, as everyone knows, spread diseases, teargas, flashbangs, and heavily armed and camouflaged asshats.
And that Texan car brought a carpetbagger.
Probably a criminal.

Last night I watched riot-police tactics in Portland for an hour, which was mostly harmless, cat-and-mouse, except that the cats were all wearing boogaloo clothing while horking up their hairballs.

No, nobody threw cans of Goya garbanzos.

Trump didn't come out with a bible.

The sad thing is that once you leave Portland, there's several hundred miles of KKK before you hit civilization again. Oregon was created expressly as a white people paradise perfect for Texans and today's Fox News viewers. They still wipe their asses with Sears Roebuck catalogue pages there.

Almost everything between the Oakland Hills and the East River is Oregonistan and Texas. Guns, trailerparks, Nascar, and Goya Foods.
Plus Waffle House, White Castle, and Chic-Fil-A.
Mat Gaetz, Mitch McConnell, Larry Hogan.
Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson.

Or Indiana. Where everybody knows a Klansman, or is related to people who used to belong. During the late twenties, nearly a third of all "native born white men" in Indiana were part of the Klan, as well as most of the State Assembly and the governor, and most elected officials.
Nowadays, they solidly vote Republican there.

Pence hails from Indiana.


As a Dutch-American and a Californian, I don't have to like most of my "fellow Americans". The rot started when all those alcoholic religious deviants and criminal psychopaths came over from the British Isles.
That, more than anything else, made syphilis a fact of life.

The reason why Charlie Manson, an immigrant from the Midwest and a Scientologist, spent most of his life in California, is because he was incarcerated here. Otherwise he could have run for office.
Somewhere else in the United States.

Children Of The Corn.

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