Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Apparently the MAGAites have recently been telling people to "speak English (or leave the country)". Because this is America, and you're supposed to speak "our language". Ironic, not only because most of them sound unbearably ignorant and uneducated, but most of them actually ARE unbearably ignorant and uneducated.

English is my native language. So is Dutch. But I often speak in Cantonese when I go to the store.

We actually do not have an "official" language, and I would argue that Dutch would be a better choice than English, because so many English speakers sound like idiots, and are demonstrably illiterate, but I realize that learning to speak the language of Brederode and Vondel would prove difficult. Aside from which it would take away the pleasure I have in talking smack about you lot in front of your face.

And in any case, large parts of the country don't speak English.
Kentucky. New York. Tennessee. The entire South.
Plus Detroit and Philadelphia.

Somehow we've managed to communicate with them, which took patience on our part, and it's been as mutually rewarding as we could realistically hope for -- disappointing, too, as one would expect -- and even our dealings with Texas have not been entirely a waste of time.

Probably every language in the world is spoken here. And also taught. Which is an advantage that almost no other country can claim. The key to that is allowing speakers of other languages to thrive as communities, because otherwise they'll only be able to talk their own languages on the phone to elsewhere. Where the United States is NOT loved.
Which might not be in our best interests.

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