Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Saw my doctor today. Blood pressure is a bit high, not worryingly so. Gout virtually gone. Can't do the stress-echo at the hospital, they aren't doing any of those these days, so I'll have to call my cardiologist's office and tell them it's a no-go. Oh, and nurse Mak is even more flustered by me. Which could be caused by any number of factors, but is probably because I'm a lively old coot with horrible Cantonese pronunciation.
So everything is entirely to be expected. The doctor will review my medications for the next visit, and we'll go from there.
Cardiologist in three weeks.

But I did have to fill out a form, which asked me if I was consuming three servings of calcium rich foods every day. Of which the examples listed were cheese, milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and tofu.

I have TWO issues with that query.

1) The primary demographic at the clinic is Chinese American. Who generally speaking are repulsed by dairy products (except at bakeries), because of lactose iffiness.

My apartment mate, who is Chinese ancestried, makes sure that we have ice-cream in the freezer at all times. What if there's an earthquake or a flood, how will we live? The prospect of having to survive a disaster without ice-cream quite dis-consoles her. Waah!

And being a Caucasian, you can imagine what I think of tofu. Great with fishpaste, hot sauce, and bacon. Stuffed, coated, and deepfried. Bacon-flavoured chicken nuggets made out of tofu are good.
Yeah no, not overly fond of tofu.

My apartment mate's ex boyfriend ("Wheelie Boy") probably loved the stuff. Good lord, the man practically lived off protein shakes!

Dried fish is also high in calcium, but I think my doctor dis-advises a diet heavy on the dried fish. Bad for the heart.

If the nurses at the clinic want a life free of fluster, they should take me in hand, and feed me a diet rich in cheese, ice cream, and dried fish.
It would get me out of their hair in no-time.
There may be a bit of a mess to clean up during the final months, but you can hire people to do that. Hazmat suits are advised.

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