Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Kale is quite edible. Sauteed with bacon, sherry, a touch of fish sauce, garlic, and a squeeze of lime. Chili paste can be added, as well as anchovies. And, despite the hoopla, it's not bad for you.
Unless you osterize it and drink it.

All of that aside, the only place to buy kale locally is a grocery store that caters to white people. Who, as is well known, are addicted to kale. And don't wear masks. So in addition to all the horrible intestinal gasses, one might catch Covid.

Consequently I never have it anymore.

Lunch yesterday: chive dumplings (韭菜餃 'gau choi gaau'), turnip cake (蘿蔔糕 'lo baak gou'), glutinous rice ball (糯米包 'no mai baau'). Supporting hard-working Americans AND feasting at the same time.

The reason why so many Caucasians in San Francisco love kale is because it will allow them to welcome the space aliens, who, as everybody should realize, are methane breathing organisms.

We are a warm and supportive environment here.
San Francisco is known for hospitality.
We are quite redolent of it.

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