Friday, July 24, 2020


One of the things that invades my consciousness is the awareness that, as a society, we've rather made a pig's breakfast of things. Somehow we've raised an entire generation -- several generations -- of dumb asses.
Which should not be surprising. Science and the scientific method are too difficult for America's little children, even mathematics is seemingly traumatizing, literature is supposed to be uplifting and not challenge them, and history classes must show them how good we are and how this is the best of all possible countries.

All of that is complete bollocks.

As anyone who has dealt with a Christian or Suburbanite knows.

Plus, of course, there are conspiracy theories and a whole system of beliefs about spirituality, natural healing, organic foods, space aliens, psychic powers, and other optional add-ons to the basic programme.

How sad that chewing, procreation, and sleep are instinctive skills.
Along with the eliminative functions.

Evenso, the self-praescription aisles at Walgreens prove that many people are quite incapable of mastering these four things.

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