Sunday, April 19, 2020


Dinner last night was what many would regard as being the Dutch national dish: Bami goreng. With an egg, and sambal. This gave me the strength (and energy) to understand that yesterday evening's blog post was not suitable for one of the forums to which I occasionally contribute, as it was an outraged howl anent my fellow Americans, most of whom are dumb as bricks and not Dutch American. The unharmonious combination of those two factors is something which I hold against them.
It is naturally far worse when they are Dutch Americans, AND members of Trump's regime. Such as Betsy DeVos. May her name be erased.

Anyhow, most of the members of that aforementioned forum are neither.
And I didn't want to throw a turd into their punch bowl.

Truth be told, I don't like the rest of the country and I never want to visit. There's nothing but shithole between the Embarcadero and Brooklyn with a few Trump towers in between for target practice, and seeing as I cannot remember in which hallway box I put the ammo, I shan't be using firearms any time soon. Flinging free fertilizer is ineffective. Did I say 'shithole'?

There are some mighty fine people living in shithole. And I do value them and appreciate that they're stuck there, their lives are there, and they cannot easily move. They might even like those places!
Sometimes folks adapt.

If they want, I'll send them a recipe for bami goreng.

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