Thursday, April 09, 2020


The only people out on the street early in the morning, when one might be enjoying a cigar on the front steps, are the insane and the donut-deprived. And for both types, it is a blessing that our donut-making fellow citizens are hard at work. At the donut purveyors, every one is equal. Probably also in danger, because "social distancing" is almost impossible there, or in the line outside, but on the same plane.

This blogger avoids donuts between four A.M. and eleven P.M. Donuts are what one snarfs for a late night snack when neither greasy pizza nor Pakistani appeal and one has run out of icecream at home.

We Dutch Americans invented the donut. You're welcome.

Sofar, no one has popularized a gluten-free OR chometz-free donut. Which is probably altogether a good thing. There is gluten-free pizza, but I have not tried it, and will probably successfully walk askance of it for the rest of my life. Chometz-free pizza is what you do with matzah during the intermediate days of passover, and reports are not favourable. There are reasons why matzah never caught on as a late night bar-closing snack.

No one actually dislikes matzah, and matzah brei is a nice thing, especially washed down with strong milky tea. I would recommend enjoying a cigar to follow, regarding which I am on the same page as at least three other people, but that is not universal.

Still, late night impulse shopping at a twenty-four hour supermarket seldom turns up matzah. Even in the weeks after the chag. One wonders why.
Naturally, at this time of year, one thinks of matzah.

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Frau Doktor W said...

Matzah brei (with maple syrup) also pairs well with kosher for Pesach coffee.

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