Thursday, April 23, 2020


Yesterday evening the apartment mate asked me how to pronounce a certain French word, then spent nearly ten minutes ranting about the pronunciation of French and how the French must be sick of people buggering up their language, saying stuff any which way, and generally making a petit déjeuner du cochon out of it. Which probably irritates le crache absolu out of them.
French is too bloody hard! How can anyone speak it?!?
It was a very amusing bit of insanity.

My input was quite minor. But I remembered her problems with Dutch (my language), and the reaction of every single person who learned Toishanese from their parents (like she did) but thought in English when I opened my mouth in Chinese. Good gorp, what is that crazy Caucasian trying to say?
It sounds vaguely "tonal", is that Mandarin? Thai? Insanity?

No, it wasn't 'Camus' (kah moo) or 'beaujolais' (bow joe lay), but something else. Can't remember what. I got distracted by the stuffed turkey vulture and his plan to eat the imaginary little girl hamster, tempting her with une belle fraise fraîche, because little girl hamsters just LOVE strawberries!

At one point she was speculating that French is basically like Cockney.
Which would probably upset both the French and the Cockneys.
Both of whom speak funny and are unintelligible.

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