Tuesday, April 14, 2020


It's a beautiful day out there. And my apartment mate, unfortunately, cannot enjoy it, seeing as she's working from home. Which she didn't want to do, as there is too much distraction here. My job is not suitable for working from home, and I am endeavoring to be undistracting by staying mainly in my quarters and away from my computer, which is across the table from her seat and computer. But she's eating lunch now (fried meat), and I have seized the opportunity.

Earlier I took a long walk with a Peterson System Standard and some fine tobacco. Bought a lottery ticket in order to break a larger bill, so that I'd have dollar bills for the street people. Yeah no, I cannot afford to give them fives, tens, or twenties. But a pandemic is no reason to be stingy.
Which some people refuse to understand.

There are fewer of them about. One of them wanted money for tobacco. Which really is a valid reason, despite the puritanical healthfreaks and their severe disapproval. Tobacco can be very comforting in hard times.
Just ask Brendan Behan.

If you're walking upright, and smoking, it's a victory.

What IS that fried meat?
It smells delicious!

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