Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Apparently the only thing of note our president did yesterday was protect the hamberders. The precious, precious hamberders. For the 1st. time since the death of Christ, the only Trump news on BBC was an order declaring Hamberders a protected species, instead of the regular tantrum.
NO, I shan't head into Twitter.

Hamberder used to roam the American outback, in numbers unimaginable. Hugely. And bugger the optics, the industry of Texas must be saved.

Yeah, bad publ. rels, given that so much is going to the dogs in so many places in this country, and shipments of PPEs are still being seized by the Feds because Jared Kushner wants to make sure that Washington DC has enough, but at least America's dog and catfood manufacturers as well as the thousands of poor ignorant Texans will be safe. And able to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Plus the pet owners in my neighborhood will continue picking up after their hounds. Instead of having to kill them and grill them.
Even Vegans and Pescatarians.

Honestly, my piles would have bled for the Hamberder industry.
Now I can rest calm at night again.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast sausage, BTW, makes a fine patty.
Goes great with grits.

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