Tuesday, April 14, 2020


In the past I've probably indicated very clearly that there are folks who drop by where I work whose political opinions are garbage. Indeed, there are also people whose thinking I value, and whose company is precious to me -- and naturally I miss them, and look forward to seeing them again when this is all behind us -- but, being myself a complete a⬛⬛hole, the Republican swine are people I really wish to see. Primarily because I would like to ream them another one over the total incompetence of their man. Which by now surely must have penetrated even their thick self-satisfied skulls.

The U.S. has become a shithole.

None of them are connected via Facebook, which is a good thing. The people I have friended there are folks whose opinions I value. Even those whom I have never met in the real world; their pages, likes, and tastes were examined carefully before I clicked, and I've unfriended with rigor when necessary. What's left are people who do not get my dander up.

The individuals whom I shall never "friend" are Dan, David, Richard, John, Art, Warren, among others. These are not unlikable people.
But they're dickheads.

And I miss telling them so to their faces.

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