Sunday, April 26, 2020


My apartment mate had a brilliant idea: light emitting vibrators. This before she went on a prolonged squawk about the need for someone in that room to say "Mr. president, shut the f**k up!" The sad thing is that most Trump supporters believe that something intelligent came out of his mouth.

How long before the first hard-core Trumper dies of ingestion?
Not soon enough. Not nearly soon enough.

Saturday, April 24, 9:49 PM
939,053 confirmed cases in the US.  53,789 deaths.

Earlier today, before the milk of human kindness started flowing through my veins again, my contribution to a discussion in various languages was this: "vele delen van de VS zijn best wel redelijk. Er zijn natuurlijk ook delen waar de stupiditeit van afdruipt... ik denk met name aan vrijwel alles tussen New York en San Francisco."

Don't worry, dear Trump supporters. It was, on the whole, a positive comment. Overwhelmingly.

Continue adulating.

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