Thursday, April 16, 2020


A pet goat. I cannot explain why, but I want a pet goat. Which would mean that I'd also have to get thick socks, so that the cloppitying around would not upset my downstairs neighbors. Can goats be housetrained? Does one put a goat box in the bathroom?

I'm not sure how I'd feel about a goat just casually pushing the door open to do his (or her) business while I'm nude at the bathroom sink shaving myself. "Don't mind me", it might say, "I'm just obeying the call". Except, of course, because it's a goat all of that sounded just like indignant bestial muttering.

Might have to push it out of the shower when it decides to take over.
So not a large goat, but a small one.
Bonsai goat.

It stands to reason that goats are better than pot-bellied pigs as pets. For one thing, they look less delicious. When we moved in several years ago, they stipulated no dogs or cats. They did not say anything about goats.

I shall have to talk to my apartment mate about this.

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