Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Courtesy of Wonkette, our cover is blown. The world now knows about our mutant sex slave orphans in the vast tunnels underneath New York's Central Park, who are being rescued on the orders of President Trump. Because Trump loves humanity, and will do anything to save you.
Tent hospitals in Central Park.
Hospital ships.

Unfortunately this means I will not be able to harvest human-lizard hybrid pineal gland extract in vast quantities this year. Which I was all set up to do. So to everyone who subscribed and sent me prepayments, this offer: For a small service and handling charge, I will reserve your order for next year. Our tunnel complex under Idaho is nearing completion, and human-lizard hybrid version 2 will hit adolescence, when they're most powerful.
Trump will never find out about this.
We've hid it better.

Mutant sex slave lizard hybrid orphans.
Now with more reptile dna.
And no tails.

The Idaho tunnel project was started by Satanists with NO link to Hillary or Pizza, so you know it's clean. Reliable. On the level. Totally Jesus 19.

One day we'll all be worshipped as deities.

Chromosomes. Xenos.


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Unknown said...

You made me laugh. :D

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